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Ghost Busters & spiritual, supernatural, paranormal investigations in Aldridge !
Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

When it's spooky, Who ya gonna call ?....
Well, Maybe these people can help !

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South Staffordshire Ghost Club, are a group of enthusiastic individuals who, as a hobby, investigate alledgedly haunted buildings, in Walsall and Staffordshire area.

As ghost investigators, we have been together for many years and are a mix of sceptics and believers, with a mixture of humour and serious approaches to the world of ghostly events and stories.

We carry out overnight ghost investigations at "haunted" locations, using various equipment and experiments, such as "table tipping", Seance and "trigger object" experiments.

After thorough investigations any ghost or haunting details gleaned or recorded are reported back to the venue, or reported property owners which includes all types of locations from pubs to family homes in the West Midlands .

We are a non-profit making group and are looking for more suspected ghost reports and ghost hauntings at local Walsall, West Midland venues to investigate.

For further information contact South Staffordshire Ghost Club on
01543 305029 or simply tap on the ceiling twice, or rattle your chains, well, you never know !

Authors, Ex-Police Officers and Husband and Wife team, Michael & Sarah Feeley experienced the spiritual awakening of a life time when they relived the murder of a Victorian teenager in 2009. Since that time they have experienced all manner of weird and wonderful things from Angelic beings to Ufo's, astral projection to channelled messages. They talk of their experiences as well as inform people of the dark agenda to control every aspect of humanity by non-human entities through a new world order...
Michael & Sarah Feeley do regular talks about our real life experiences of a spiritual, supernatural, & paranormal nature that inspire and comfort & empower our audiences. We are always pleased to do a talk for local clubs, groups and institutes in the Walsall area, so look at our website and get in touch, Walk into the light website

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