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Aldridge Village Loyalty Discount FREE Memebership Card

Shop in Aldridge, Walsall and get Special offers and discounts on goods, products and services

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   Aldridge Village loyalty shopping discount FREE memebership card   

Save more of your hard earned money when shopping in Aldridge with the brand new Aldridge Village Loyalty Card, supplied FREE, to reward all shoppers and commercial customers buying goods, products and services from businesses in Aldridge.

Aldridge village has an exclusive loyalty card which is given free to all people who live, work, visit and most importantly support the local village economy by spending money on everyday products and services.

Special offers and discounts are given exclusively to everyone who presents their Aldridge Village Loyalty Card when making a purchase at participating locations, and there is early indication that this will be widely used and accepted !

The Loyalty card is a system that demonstrates Aldridge business owners value customers ( That's YOU ) who bring custom and spend money in Aldridge every day.

It costs you money to leave Aldridge and go some where else to make a purchase, fuel costs and your time, so for that reason alone it makes sense to shop smart and shop locally in Aldridge, but with the introduction of the loyalty card there is clearly an incentive and efforts being made to reward you for looking closer to home.

Your reward for being loyal or indeed, changing shopping habits to become loyal are exclusive discounts and offers which are not published or seen in shops and businesses, but are always available to save you money when you show your loyalty membership card.

The Loyalty card if FREE, there is nothing to pay to become a member of the loyalty reward scheme, it is a system that simply helps you save money every time you buy goods and services in Aldridge shops and businesses

it's simply a way to say thankyou for being a customer, and equally important, it saves you money !

Get your FREE Aldridge Village Loyalty card Now and start saving money using the easy registration form Aldridge Village Loyalty Card Registration Form

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