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Aldridge in Walsall, West Midlands

Aldridge is a town twinned with ( Montelimar in France ) and ( Imola in Italy) often referred to as the "Village" in the Borough of Walsall, WS9 West Midlands, once part of Staffordshire, near to Birmingham, England. Aldridge website is updated daily for the latest local News, Meetings, Events and What's on covering Aldridge, Walsall Wood, Stonnall village and Sandhills with WS9 postcodes, featuring contributions from residents and business owners, and the free E-mail Newsletter for Aldridge and Streetly area. Have you got your Aldridge Loyalty card to save money with discounts and special offers for all kinds of shopping goods and services in Aldridge ?, dont miss out or spend more than you have to...see details below

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Vintage picture of James Hill Garage in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands
   Vintage picture of James Hill garage in Aldridge which is now a development of homes   

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Announcing the BRAND NEW Aldridge Village Loyalty Card with exclusive savings, discounts and special offers for both shopping goods and services from all participating businesses, so you can have a special offer even when it is not available to other people, just because you are a loyal shopper spending your money in Aldridge and supporting the economy of Aldridge businesses (and the wider economy of Aldridge Village) who now reward and support their customers with a loyalty card which is FREE ! . Don't miss out on special offers in Aldridge or spend any more money than you need to, make sure you claim your exclusive discounts off advertised prices and get discounts other people simply will not know about by claiming your free Aldridge Village Loyalty Card, and enjoy the rewards and benefits being offered to you by the businesses in Aldridge who appreciate their loyal customers who spend money here in Aldridge Village, rather than somewhere else ! Now shopping for goods and services in Aldridge village, can save you cash as well as time travelling and fuel costs !
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Aldridge in Walsall local area What's on and Events, Club meeting, groups and Organisations holding events in Aldridge Read about the local Clubs, Groups and Organisations who hold events and meetings in the Aldridge area. Your own All local events, meetings, clubs and groups can feature on the Aldridge website free of charge, just sign up for our free newsletter and you will get full details free !
Full details of all local Aldridge area Events and What's on details are found on Aldridge website

Aldridge in Walsall local area news, announcements and what's new in Aldridge Read about the local news stories for all Aldridge area including local business, clubs, organisations and future events. Your own local area news stories can also be published on the Aldridge website, just sign up for our free newsletter and you will get full details free !
Full details of all local Aldridge area news stories are found on Aldridge website

CLICK HERE for Aldridge map with points of interest, local businesses and services, local history Reference map of Aldridge area Map of Aldridge businesses and key local buildings and services
Aldridge area manager John Morris Aldridge and Walsall Wood area are part of Walsall Council, and have their own dedicated area manager who looks after the concerns and interest of the local residents.
You can get help with a wide range of issues which may include anything from the state of road repairs to the damage caused by anti social behaviour.

Aldridge, Walsall 7 day Weather Forecast
Aldridge Prime new development of Aldridge magistrates buildings into modern work spaces and luxury apartments in Aldridge Aldridge Prime development of the Aldridge magistrates court buildings into modern work spaces and luxury high quality apartments in Aldridge town centre. Keep up to date with the latest news and announcements about this development in Aldridge
Full details of Aldridge Prime are found on Aldridge website

Aldridge village business partnership Aldridge village business partnership, working alongside Walsall Council's District Centre Management Team and local businesses, community groups and public sector organisations with the common aim of improving the prosperity and vitality of Aldridge town centre.
Membership is open to anyone who supports the aims and objectives of the partnership
beauty Salons in Aldridge, Walsall area for a full range of waxing, facials, St Tropez spray fake tans, manicures, pedicures, Botox, fillers and semi-permanent make-up waxing, facials, St Tropez spray fake tans, manicures, Calgel nail system pedicures, Botox, fillers and semi-permanent make-up in Aldridge. Includes mobile beauty therapists and technicians
All Hair and Beauty salons in Aldridge are listed on Aldridge website

1881 map of Aldridge village and directions route planner Need directions to Aldridge ? See the Aldridge route planner and a number of other maps of the local area including live traffic reports for local main roads and motorway network.
1881 map of Aldridge village and directions route planner
Books by the Author Aldridge and also local books about the Village of  Aldridge, in Walsall West Midlands UK Aldridge Books
Your search for books about Aldridge, or written by Aldridge residents, has just been made much easier, with access to over 60 million titles which includes both new and good quality used books all at great prices, so use our search facilities here to save time and money locating your books.

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Aldridge High Street, Copyright Aldridge website Pictures of Aldridge
A selection of both old and contemporary pictures of on going project

Local guide to Pubs and bars in Aldridge area. Local Pub Guide
Local guide to Pubs and bars in Aldridge area.

Plans to re build a new Aldridge rail Station, Copyright Aldridge website Aldridge Train Station was closed in 1965
The latest news and proposals for Aldridge train station, platform, park and ride service, including the detailed report.

Aldridge Manor House, Copyright Aldridge website The Aldridge Manor House offers young people a wide range of support including; one to one counselling, a confidential health drop-in and holistic health therapy sessions.
computer suite, music room, kitchen, games room, art room, skating equipment, and sports facilities.

The Memorial on Barr Beacon, Copyright Aldridge website Barr Beacon Park is the highest point in the West Midlands set in 240 acres. It offers a stunning 360 degree panorama over Shropshire, the Black Country, Birmingham, Staffordshire and Cannock Chase, and is a popular area for walking, cycling, kite flyers, horse riding, or just a leisure day enjoying the views and perhaps an icecream.

Churches in Aldridge area provided by Aldridge Churches
Aldridge Parish Church has been a Christian centre of worship for more than 750 years and is listed here with all other local churches.

Useful Telephone numbers for Aldridge Area, Copyright Aldridge website Useful Numbers
Aldridge area Emergency, Out of Hours and Useful Numbers

The Aldridge Pioneer Magazine Pioneer Magazine
Pioneer Magazine Aldridge � delivered free each month to homes and businesses in and around Aldridge, Stonnall, Walsall Wood and Streetly (10,000 properties over a 2 month period)

TV series Escape into night fimed on location in Aldridge 1972 TV Series "Escape into night" Filmed in Aldridge
TV series Escape into night fimed on location on Barr Beacon in Aldridge and was ATV's first ever outside broadcast.

Aldridge website Crime watch page Aldridge website Crime watch page Safer Aldridge
Police reports
Neighbourhood Watch
Aldridge area local neighbourhood watch scheme and police crime reports. Kevin Pitt is the Walsall Police Community Partnerships Officer. Kevin has Changed his method of communication to start a more accesible new blog in May 2011, which is designed to replace the old regular neighbourhood watch newsletter and appeal to new readers. In Kevin's blog you�ll find all sorts of information about crime in Walsall, the activities of Walsall Police and it's partners, neighbourhood watch information and much more. Information relevant to business watch, PubWatch and other schemes will be posted, as well as posts that should be of interest to all people in Walsall !

Streetly local community website Streetly local community website All local news , events and local business services
Walsall website Walsall website bring news of local events and announcements accross walsall borough
The ideal place to find relevant local information

Aldridge and Streetly websites provide a FREE local community service, so please consider making a small donation enough for a coffee and chocolate is fine, as it takes many hours work in spare time during evenings and weekends to keep the website running.
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Aldridge Local History Society have been successful for many years with over 145 members and have a large regular meeting place at Aldridge Parish Church.
A brand new ALHS website has also been launched publishing meetings and inviting new members or those who just want to attend any event that takes thier interest.
see the new Aldridge Local History Society website here

Redhouse school site development of residential housing and a community centre.
I spoke with Councillor John Rochelle, who tells me there is at present a grant of � 300,000 pounds set a side for the proposed Redhouse community centre, subject to 15 local people coming forward to form the management team as volunteers to take on the running of the facility which was presented at a recent meeting. However, at present there are still volunteer vancancies still open, but if these positions are not filled, then the whole community project and the �300,000 grant is in real danger of being withdrawn and scrapped, which will be a great pity for the Redhouse area.
If you or somebody you know wishes to find out more about becoming part of the volunteer management team, please contact Aldridge website and i will be very pleased to put you in touch with Councillor Rochelle and other people working towards making the community centre project a success.
I also spoke with Steve Pugh at walsall council �Estates dept� who tells me that the recently erected for sale board at the school site is the second part of the development which will be residential housing.
The residential development will only use land which has NOT been reserved for the proposed new community centre.
Ps. There will be one paid post at the community Centre, which will be the keyholder with overall resposibility, but the opportunities for the 15 volunteers helping for just a few hours each between them, much like the system that works so well in all other community centres, will mean that Redhouse local residents can have a host of facilities and events. Mother and toddlers groups, parties, kids disco, BBQ events, clubs, dancing, yoga, pilates, karate, all types of classes, coffee mornings. meetings, presentations and generally the list is only limited by your imagination and creativity, of course many of these facilities will generate income to maintain and self fund the proposed community centre, and help put Redhouse area back on the map with equal standing and access to services only available at present to other areas which mean travelling by car or a long walk !

( Just my personal thoughts on this opportunity for the Redhouse area: Alan Neath )

See the Terms of Sale for land At the site Redhouse JMI School Here

See the Outline Planning Document Here

See the Residential and Community Centre Site Map Here

Ghost busters are in Aldridge, South Staffordshire Ghost Club, a group of enthusiastic individuals who, as a hobby, investigate alledgedly haunted buildings are looking for ghost reports, sightings and stories in Aldridge area, so find more information about Ghosts hauntings and investigations here

A Great little video tour of Aldridge !

Aldridge Police Station is operational around the clock �Aldridge Police Station is open to the public 7am till 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am till 6pm Saturday and Sunday. The front office is manned by civilian members of staff who are entitled to breaks. To accommodate this the station is occasionally closed for a short period of time. The alternative would be to take an officer off the streets to cover the front office which we are reluctant to do. Although the station is closed to the public outside of the times given it remains an operational station 24/7 with neighbourhood officers and support teams officers coming and going throughout the day and night. A policy decision was made to close the station to the public of a night time as experience showed that the demand did not justify a member of police staff being posted to the station 24/7. This remains true and I do not envisage a time where the station will remain open 24hrs a day every day.� Sgt Finch, Neighbourhood Sergeant at Aldridge Police Station. If the door is closed or you require police assistance outside the front desk hours, use the public phone located outside the police station front doors, which is directly linked to Walsall Police HQ with 24 hour coverage.
Neighbourhood Inspector Lisa-Jayne Robson is based at Aldridge Police Station covering Aldridge, Streetly, Pheasey, Pelsall, Shelfield, Rushall, Brownhills and Walsall Wood, and gives regular information about your area and the opportunity to meet at events organised by Walsall Police through twitter

BroadCall Telephone and Internet services in Aldridge give an improved service via the upgraded telephone exchanges in Aldridge which reduce costs of phone and internet services to residents
Check your telephone number here ( FREE )

Sell your unwanted items from the garage or loft  using  Free Classified adverts including free pictures, on Aldridge website.
Sell your unwanted items from the garage or loft using Free Classified adverts including free pictures, on Aldridge website.

Nearest Transport Links to Aldridge in Walsall, WS9, near Birmingham, West Midlands
Railway Station 2.8 miles (4.6 km)
Motorway M6 j7 3.4 miles (5.4 km)
Birmingham Airport 12.7 miles (20.4 km)

Find directions, travelling time, distance and a route planner map for Bus, Train, Car or Rail to Aldridge in Walsall, West Midlands, approx 10 miles from Birmingham.

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